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22 Days of Initiation, Immersion, and Transformation

Coming in February, 2021

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I am so glad you found your way here.

I know that what you are going through (or have gone through) is no joke. It's spectacularly painful. Impossible. Senseless even. 

I know that you might be feeling that because things have broken and gone so wrong, that YOU are broken and wrong.

No. My Friend. Here is what I also know:

The Dark Night of Your Soul isn’t a punishment, it is an invitation.

An invitation to ...

Transform your Inner Demons. 

Feel it, all of it.

Slough off the no-longer-true to reveal the Newer-Truer-You. 

Learn to trust yourself, even with life’s highest-stakes choices and in the face of others’ loud opinions. 

Change what in your life is asking to be changed. 

Refine your faith in yourself and your soul. 

Come fully, sensuously alive.

Reassemble yourself as a Queen.

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About LiYana Silver

I’m LiYana.
Transformational Coach. Mentor. Author.
Underworld Sherpa.
Divorce Doula.

I help women going through the hardest shit of their lives, become queens.

When it comes to the gnarliest unlit realms of life, I have discovered over the last decade that it is my job description to GO FIRST.

And then come back and share the way THROUGH with the least floundering and the most grace possible. 

The Queen you will reassemble yourself as, is worth ALL of what you must go through. You won’t emerge perfect, nor pain-free, but because I know you and I know what you are made of I know it will be a breath-taking version of you and your life.

I look forward to sharing with you some of the most vital tools, skills, and perspectives I’ve ever learned. 

LiYana Silver
Author of "Feminine Genius", Coach, Teacher, and Torch-Holder

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