with LiYana Silver

Mining for Gold in the
Dark Night of Your Soul

How Life's Hardest Heartbreaks Can Remake You into a Queen

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As your intrepid workshop leader and underworld sherpa, I will walk you through:
The five undeniable signs that you are in a Dark Night of Your Soul.
Why the trains of our lives have a stop in the Underworld, and how The Dark is a potent form of Feminine medicine.
How to see The Dark as the crucible that will forge you into a Queen, and the transformation of your body, mind, and soul that is possible as you do.
The key attitudes and actions that turn crap into gold, as well as the mindset most of us mistakenly use that will actually prolong and intensify your time in The Dark.
The surprising truth about fear, and other "negative" feelings like anger, jealousy, and grief.
One of my all-time favorite exercises to transform Inner Demons, which will also help you stay upright as things fall apart.
How to join my upcoming 22-Day Immersion, "Mining For Gold in The Dark Night of Your Soul."
The best ways to prepare for what is waiting for you on the other side of The Dark Night of Your Soul: Confidence and clarity. Radical self-trust. Inner knowing. Wholeness. And fabulous fucking freedom.

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I'm LiYana.

Transformational Coach. Mentor. Author.
Underworld Sherpa.
Divorce Doula.

I help women move through the hardest shit of their lives, and become Queens.

When things fall apart, most of us turn on ourselves with ferocious blame, shame, and doubt. Through a unique process (that finds where the blame/shame/doubt got installed in the first place), I help women transform their self-warring ways and develop a kind mind, keen inner guidance, and solid self-trust.

And did I mention comfort in her own skin, sensual vitality, a (re)connection to her soul, and the ability to make great choices even in life's highest-stakes circumstances? All that and a bag of (kale) chips!

My offerings include my first book FEMININE GENIUS: The Provocative Path to Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman (which was nominated for Foreword Review’s 2017 Book of the Year award); private transformational coaching; my immersion course "Mining For Gold in The Dark Night of Your Soul;" and my high-touch mentorship program “QueenMe.” My work has been featured in the likes of Huffington Post, Forbes, Jezebel, Thrive Global, Bustle, Emerging Women, and Yoga Journal.

I also dance, paint in oils, mama my son, take deep breaths, and (mostly) eat sitting down. 

My Dear Fellow Underworld Traveler. You are not lost.

Somehow you found yourself here. I'm so glad. You are giving birth to yourself and I know: it fucking hurts.

But I've seen where you are headed, and it's a reassembly of a life and a self that is beautiful, true, and vibrating with aliveness.

It takes a Dark Night to make a Luminous Queen.

I know all this because when it comes to the gnarliest unlit realms of life, I have discovered over the last decade that it is my job description to GO FIRST.

And then come back and share with you the way THROUGH — with the least floundering and the most grace possible.

I've doula-ed thousands of clients, course participants, and book-readers through their darkest Dark Nights.

Your next step is to join us.

LiYana Silver (she/her/hers)
Coach, Teacher, Torch-Holder & Author of “Feminine Genius

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