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“Your words and wisdom have been a gift from the heavens. This book is helping me realize what is "missing," or better yet, what is there and has always been there.”
~ Autumn, Feminine Genius reader

Go Deeper With Feminine Genius & LiYana
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Bring your audiobook receipt and come join my beloved inner circle The Deep End, my virtual community, for a free Month of Masterclasses based on the perspectives and practices in Feminine Genius.

This is my gift and thank you to you for purchasing the audiobook.

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Details for your Month of Masterclasses

This is my way to say thank you for your support of Feminine Genius!

Throughout September 2020, you’ll dive deeply into weekly (free) Masterclasses based on the perspectives and practices in Feminine Genius, live Q+As, and unique interaction with me and the rest of the members of my beloved online community The Deep End.

After September, you will also receive an invitation to stay on as a member of The Deep End Community, which I’ll share about in a moment.

Each Masterclass will run about 90 minutes and will offer you an exercise or two that we’ll do together, along with time for Q+A and discussion, and daily actions for you to take during the week.

They will all be recorded so you can take part later, and even submit your questions ahead of time, but if possible, move a mountain or two and come live!

If you’ve already read Feminine Genius, you’ll be familiar with some exercises, which will come from the sections of the book, Embodying Your Genius, Navigating Your Dark and Cultivating Light.

I’ll also be including some of my brand-new stuff that’s been useful and powerful in the three years since Feminine Genius was first published.

Masterclass #1

What you Appreciate, Appreciates

Learn to look at yourself without self-loathing or flaw-finding. Practice seeing others, and even the problems in your life, without criticism or meanness.

You’ll get a radically empowering experience of yourself to use immediately with friends/colleagues/ family as well as with folks you are intimately and romantically connected to. This is key for shifting feelings of insecurity and inadequacy into your own sovereign sense of embodied self-worth and self-confidence.

Thursday, September 3 2020
6:30pm ET | 5:30pm CT | 4:30pm MT | 3:30pm PT

Masterclass #2

Getting Lit from Another Woman’s Brilliance

We’ll dive into how to turn the fire of jealousy into fuel for the next, best steps in your life. You’ll get a deeper understanding of jealousy, envy, comparison and competition with other women — and how to change those painful doubts into true connection, meaningful collaboration, and clarity around what you truly want.

We’ll also do a special somethin-somethin with a drawing for a free coaching session with me.

Thursday, September 10 2020
3:30pm ET | 2:30pm CT | 1:30pm MT | 12:30pm PT

Masterclass #3

Navigating Your Dark

We’ll dive into why Your Dark need not be a curse but can be a cure — a potent form of Feminine Medicine.

We’ll mine for the clarity and kindness contained in Your Dark, including your fear, worry, shame, depression and grief. When you feel something “ugly,” “crazy,” or intense come up in you, we’ll go through exercises which will help you not only NOT die from them, but also find the wisdom in Your Dark.

Thursday, September 17 2020
12:30pm ET | 11:30am CT | 10:30am MT | 9:30am PT

Masterclass #4

Your Inner Knowing

You’ll locate (and connect more deeply with) your Inner Knowing. You’ll also learn how to receive your own powerful guidance on both the small and big choices in your life.

We’ll also go through how to separate the voices of fear, doubt, perfectionism, and anxiety from the voice of Your Inner Knowing, so you have a deeper and deeper trust of yourself.

Thursday, September 24 2020
6:30pm ET | 5:30pm CT | 4:30pm MT | 3:30pm PT

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What’s after Go Deeper With Feminine Genius?

Here's what happens after your Month-of-Masterclasses:

Toward the end of September, you’ll receive an invitation to stay on as a full member of my inner circle, my dear online community, The Deep End!

Here’s a video of some current Deep End Community members, sharing why this inner circle has been deeply meaningful for them:

The Deep End is where  through video classes and an interactive private Facebook group I moderate myself  I offer you myself, my support, my guidance, access to all my online courses, cutting edge stuff I’m creating now in response to what you need most in these rapidly-changing times, regular Q+A and group coaching sessions, masterclasses with guest experts, access to a vast library of past classes, and a community of extraordinary women all committed to going deeper in their own awakening, embodiment, and feminine genius.

You’ll also get deep discounts on personal coaching with me, when the time comes for one:one support and transformation.  :)

Toward the end of your free month in The Deep End, we (my team and I) will remind you that if you do nothing, your membership dues will start billing at $59/month.

If you don’t want to stay on in The Deep End, just let us know, and you won’t be billed further. No strings attached.

If COVID-19 has hit you particularly hard in the work and income realms, please use this link to join us for your free Month-of-Masterclasses, and if you choose to stay on in The Deep End community, it will be at the scholarship rate of $29/month.

Join us for
Go Deeper with Feminine Genius

A sneak peek at events in October and onward in
The Deep End Community

(AKA, what’s waiting for you as a community member!)

Upcoming Masterclasses

(with LiYana)

  • Insisting on Joy — Especially in Intensely Uncertain Times

  • My Favorite Three-Minute Self-Care Quickies

  • The Oracle Between Your Thighs: Communicating with your Lady Parts for Self-Trust and Self-Confidence

  • Walking Into the Bonfire: Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations

  • Working Like a Genius: Harnessing the Power of  Your Ups and Downs for a Sweeter Work-Life and Life-Life.


Upcoming Guest Masterclasses

    • Jade Egg: Secrets, Benefits, and Practices with Dr. Saida Desillets, author of Desire

    • Yoni Wisdom Bombs: Loosing the Radical Wisdom of your Naughty Bits, with Spiritual Shitkicker (and my personal coach), Ama Nkwa

    • Your Pleasure Plan: Sexual Healing with author of The Pleasure Plan, Laura Zam

    • Spiritual Activism: Courage, Compassion, and Connection with Your Black and Brown Friends with Shadi Mogadime, Buddhist Lama

    Your Deep End Community membership also includes:

    • Regular, live Q+As and Coaching with me (free coaching, yo!)

    • A private Facebook group — I’m really in there, communicating with you and responding to you, along with an extraordinary group of like-hearted women.

    • Guest Masterclasses with folks who I find inspiring AF, and embody aspects of Feminine Genius in their work and lives.

    • Custom-Designed Trainings, created in response to what you need most in these rapidly-changing times.

    • Feminine Genius At Work: A rule-bending philosophy and my signature 8-week guided online course, designed to help you use less “Masculine” hustle and have more “Feminine” flow — so you can get your gifts into the world with less overwork & overwhelm and more clarity, confidence & (dare I say!) magic.

    • Embodiment Meditations: 5-minute daily practices for things like Staying Grounded During Conflict, Managing Overwhelm, Transforming Jealousy, and Turning Around Toxic Self-Talk.

    • Mini Training on “NEEDS: Believe, Ask, Receive.”

    • Mini Training on “Man Whispering: Using Feminine Genius to Understand, Communicate and Partner with Men.”

    • An extensive Library of past Q+As, Group Coaching sessions, and Guest Masterclasses on topics like “Beauty as a Spiritual Practice,” “Transforming the Mother Wound,” “Deciphering Cravings,” and “Becoming an Ageless Woman.”

    We’re going deep.

    I can’t wait to have you join us!

    LiYana Silver
    Author of “Feminine Genius,” Coach, Teacher & Torch-Holder

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    P.S. Come bring me your receipt for the Feminine Genius audiobook (or other version of the book!) before August 30, 2020 and join my inner circle for a free Month-of-Masterclasses with me, based on the perspectives and practices in Feminine Genius.

    It’s my gift and thank you to you for purchasing the audiobook and supporting Feminine Genius!